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NFL player accused of financial mismanagement in divorce case

A divorce is often a financially difficult time in the lives of those who go through them. This is particularly true of those people who depend on the income of one person to provide for the family, especially children. When the breadwinner has a particularly lucrative career, the financial effect is considerable.

High-asset divorces in Florida are not uncommon, so it is crucial to work with the right lawyer for your situation -- ideally, someone who has experience working on marital estates involving large dollar amounts. A case that falls into the high-asset divorce category is playing out now in Florida divorce courts.

Karlos Dansby, who plays for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League, formerly played for the Miami Dolphins. That's why his estranged wife, who still lives in Florida, filed for divorce in Fort Lauderdale earlier this year rather than in Ohio. According to records, the Browns are paying Dansby $5.5 million this year in salary.

Dansby's new team has been sending his pay to a bank account that is supposed to be available only to his wife; however, in court filings, Dansby's wife says the player has been taking large withdrawals for himself -- up to as much as $100,000 at one time. Meanwhile, the $60,000 property tax bill on the couple's Florida house is still unpaid for 2014. Despite Dansby's $80 million in career earnings, he may have almost nothing left.

There is a lot at stake in any divorce case, but high-asset divorces add another dimension to the proceedings. An experienced Florida divorce attorney can be an invaluable asset for people facing the prospects of a high-asset divorce.

Source: Miami Herald, "Former Dolphin Karlos Dansby faces divorce suit," Jose Lambiet, Oct. 30, 2015

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