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Why would you want to prove your paternity?

When children are born to a married couple in Florida, there is no question as to their legal parents. Except for some extraordinary circumstances, a husband's paternity of a child born to his wife is not normally disputed.

Outside of marriage, however, there is more ambiguity. A single mother may elect to omit any reference to a father on a birth certificate; unless the father signs an affidavit acknowledging parenthood, he won't have any rights.

The fact of the matter is that some fathers would prefer it that way. Some may be scared off by the prospect of having to pay child support, particularly if they are not intending to be involved in the child's life in any way. Still others might shy away due to a perceived social stigma or because they are discouraged by family members.

However, other fathers want to step up and establish their paternity, often for child custody and visitation purposes. However, after a child has been born and a birth certificate filed, this process is not necessarily a simple one. This is true even if the child's mother is receptive to the idea, which is far from a given.

Working with a family law attorney is an excellent way to work toward proving your paternity and preserving your rights. Children should never be used as a bargaining chip, so handling the situation requires a deft touch by an attorney who is experienced in a variety of family law matters, particularly those involving paternity and custody matters. 

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