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February 2016 Archives

Can I deny visitation if I'm not receiving child support?

Parents frequently ask this question, and they are just as frequently surprised by the answer. While it seems like common sense that you can keep a parent who is not paying child support from seeing your children, the court does not see it that way.

Florida man gets probation in child support case

The reasons for the need to pay child support if you are ordered to do so are obvious. In a Florida divorce, child support may be required for a non-custodial parent in order to pay for children's basic needs. If these requirements are not followed, there can be consequences for the parent -- not to mention hardship on the part of the children and the custodial parent, who are counting on those child support payments.

Can equal parenting time be put into law?

For some Florida parents, determining the custody arrangements of children as a result of a divorce is fairly cut-and-dried. Many couples agree that it is not possible to have a true 50-50 split of parenting time. Though the goal is frequently to get as close to an even arrangement as possible, concessions often need to be made so that practical matters -- such as consistently getting kids to school on time, for example -- are not overlooked.