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How much do Florida parents pay in child support?

Divorcing a child's parent does not end your parental responsibilities for your child. It may change them, but most parents will still be physically, emotionally and financially responsible for their children. 

For instance, you may be required to pay child support. These payments are critical to the well-being of children and are a tangible indication that a parent is contributing to the needs of the child. The amount ordered is not arbitrary or based on how much a parent loves a child. In Florida, there are strict guidelines for how child support payments are calculated and ordered.

How much support you will need to pay will depend on several factors, from the income of both parents and any government benefits to monthly expenses and the health care needs of the child. After these and many other financial-based details into account, the court will make a ruling on support.

There are state guidelines in place that set the minimum amount of support that can be ordered in Florida, and these are based on monthly net income and the number of children who need support. For instance, if your monthly net income is calculated at $1,000 and you have three children, the minimum amount of support that will generally be ordered is $397 per month.

Of course there are exceptions and extenuating circumstances which can affect these amounts. Further, courts have the power to modify the amount of support by at least 5 percent. In some cases, they modify it more than that, which will require a written explanation of why such a decision was made.

What we hope readers take away from this post is that there are guidelines in place for how child support is calculated in Florida courts. It is not arbitrary and is not meant to serve as a punishment. However, parents should still protect themselves by having an attorney by their side as they navigate the legal system.

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