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March 2016 Archives

Enforcing a child custody order in Florida

Raising a child separately but with an ex can be one of the biggest challenges Florida parents face. Co-parenting can require you to confront and resolve financial matters, scheduling challenges and the everyday parenting problems with the added complication of not being in a relationship with the person with whom you are supposed to be making these decisions.

Changes to alimony could be coming to Florida divorces

No two divorces are the same, even when they both involve the same elements. For example, if you are affluent and living in Florida, you might assume that your divorce will involve steep alimony payments because you know someone else who went through this recently and a judge ordered alimony in that case.

Tax season is here. Are you prepared?

As the calendar barrels ahead toward mid-April and tax day, people who haven't yet filed their forms with the IRS may be starting to think about doing so -- or at least, they ought to. Time has a way of sneaking up on us, particularly when we have an unpleasant task ahead of us, such as slogging through receipts, W-2 forms and other documentation we need to complete our tax return.