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Enforcing a child custody order in Florida

Raising a child separately but with an ex can be one of the biggest challenges Florida parents face. Co-parenting can require you to confront and resolve financial matters, scheduling challenges and the everyday parenting problems with the added complication of not being in a relationship with the person with whom you are supposed to be making these decisions.

With this in mind, it is not uncommon for custody issues to arise. Unless they are resolved quickly and effectively, they can escalate and put a child and a parent's rights in jeopardy. If you are dealing with issues related to non-compliance with custody orders, you should understand the options that exist for enforcing a child custody order.

In many cases, custody problems start relatively small. A parent may miss one visit, drop a child off late here and there, or maybe does something with the child during his or her parenting time that is potentially dangerous.

In these situations, speaking directly with that parent can be effective. Reiterating custody terms, schedules and expectations set in a parenting plan may be enough to remind a non-compliant parent what should or should not be happening.

However, if these issues persist or if you feel as though your child's well-being is at risk, more aggressive action can be necessary. 

For instance, you can file a motion to pursue a hearing with a family law judge. At these hearings, you will have the opportunity and obligation to show how the other parent has violated a court order for child custody. If the judge agrees with you, he or she can order the non-compliant parent to pay fines, spend time in jail or even give up parenting time and/or other rights.

These are just two possible solutions for enforcing a child custody order; there are other options like modification or seeking the help of local law enforcement. The right solution is one that is effective and keeps children safe without creating more problems.

Considering how much is at stake when it comes to your parenting plan, it can be crucial that you discuss the options for enforcing a court order with your attorney.

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