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April 2016 Archives

You don't need to be retired to think about an estate plan

Have you thought about your estate plan today? Do you even have an estate plan in place just in case the worst should happen? If you're like a lot of Millennials and some Gen Xers, you may have answered no to these two questions. That's because many in this age group associate estate planning with retirement age. But as the famous insurance commercial explains: that's not how this works.

David Hasselhoff: Income insufficient to cover alimony payments

Affluent couples who go through divorce often have numerous financial loose-ends to tie up, from the division of investments to the sale of properties. In many cases, there may also be matters related to spousal support that need to be addressed.

How a man can be ordered to pay support for a kid that isn't his

Men across Florida can struggle enormously when it comes to protecting their rights as fathers. Unlike a biological mother's relationship to a child, a father's biological relationship can be called into question minutes or even years after a baby is born.