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Judge orders child support payments, threatens jail sentence

No matter who you are, if you skip on paying child support, you could be in deep trouble with the law. Mothers or fathers who need that income can file a complaint, and the court can order that child support be paid. If it isn't paid after a court issues the order, it's possible that the person who doesn't pay will have to go to jail and serve a sentence.

In a case reported on April 26, a National Football League linebacker faces this dilemma due to holding back child support for his special-needs daughter. According to the story, the man claims he can't pay what he owes for 2011 and 2012, even though he earned $8.9 million playing professionally for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The judge on the case disagreed that he couldn't pay and has ordered him to pay within 10 days.

The child's mother, a 36-year-old woman, has been caring for their 3-year-old daughter who suffers with cerebral palsy. The little girl can't sit up without a back brace and suffers badly enough that she is nearly blind and can't go to the bathroom alone. She is wheelchair-bound.

The woman lost her apartment and has been struggling to pay for the child's treatments while child support has not been paid. In the meantime, the NFL player had purchased a home worth $850,000 and spent a large amount of money on a new Mercedes for his girlfriend, vacations and a new business. The man is expected to pay $6,900 a month, but the payments made have not been close to the amount or paid on time, according to the child's mother.

If you are owed child support, your attorney may petition the court to garnish the paying parent's wage, intercept a tax refund or attempt to collect child support in other ways.

Source: Broward-Palm Beach New Times, "Judge to NFL Linebacker Clinton Session: Pay Child Support for Special-Needs Toddler or Go to Jail," Jess Swanson, April 26, 2016

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