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What should you do to avoid child custody issues in the summer?

The summer months can make child custody concerns a little trickier; no more school days means kids aren't on the same schedule as usual.

So, what things should you avoid doing in the summer that could affect your child custody or cause a strain in your relationship?

Remember to plan your vacations in advance. In many cases, you'll need to agree on a schedule for the summer and even have it approved by the court. The new summer schedule will help you avoid conflicts while your children are out of school.

If you want to take your child away for a vacation or want to go somewhere special for summer plans, it's crucial that you communicate with the other parent. If you're struggling to communicate, you can hire a mediator or go through the courts to make sure your child's best interests are met.

While the summer means your child has more time, that might not be the same for you and your ex. Changes in custody arrangements can impact your child's emotional state, especially if one parent will be seeing them more than the other and it's not how things usually are. Do talk to your child about the changes that need to happen and let them know when the changes will go back to how things are currently, if they will in the future. That way, your child can feel in some control and be aware of the fact that both parents are doing their best to provide for and care for him or her during the summer months when time may be limited.

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