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July 2016 Archives

Understanding how and why spouses hide assets during a divorce

Of all the things that can be said about the divorce process -- it's long, it's emotionally exhausting, it's complicated -- it can't be said that it's predictable. Indeed, a couple may go into a divorce anticipating that there will be arguments over who will get custody of the children and that the division of property will proceed smoothly, only to experience the exact opposite.


First of all, what it is not is "free." The term "pro bono" is short for the Latin "pro bono publico" which means literally, "for the public good."

Parents, do you understand Florida child custody laws?

Of all the matters that need to be addressed during divorce, custody is often the most important issue for parents. Laws regarding child custody vary from state to state, so agreements that are displayed on TV and in movies might not necessarily be relevant to Florida parents. Understanding the different options for custody can help parents approach the process with a more open mind.