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First of all, what it is not is "free." The term "pro bono" is short for the Latin "pro bono publico" which means literally, "for the public good."

Lawyers in Florida are required to perform a certain amount of pro bono work each year without monetary reward. All attorneys must report their hours to the Florida Bar. The pro bono work may be through a legal aid clinic such as Florida Rural Legal Services, or may be on behalf of charitable organizations, or deserving legal projects undertaken on the attorneys own initiative. Lawyers in Florida provide literally millions of pro bono hours every year in such efforts.

We at Messer & Messer are proud of our record of pro bono service over the years. In 1992, Roger Messer received the Florida Bar President's Pro Bono Service Award for the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit. In 2015, his son, Steven, received the same award. In 2007, the Messer & Messer Law Firm was honored to receive the Chief Justice's Commendation from the Florida Supreme Court, recognizing our work on behalf of charitable organizations and the poor. In addition, our attorneys have received "Pro Bono Attorney of the Year" awards from the Port St. Lucie Bar Association on several occasions.

Our pro bono efforts are rewarded, not in the honors we have received, but in the knowledge that the term "and justice for all" includes not only the rich and powerful, but also includes those of lesser means or those with serious disabilities, such as blindness, autism or deafness.

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