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What parents should keep in mind when talking about divorce - II

In our last post, we began discussing how one of the single most difficult aspects of divorce for any parent is having to break the news of the impending split to their children.

We also discussed, however, that despite the emotionally harrowing and life-changing nature of this conversation, it can still be done in a constructive manner that is respectful of their children's needs. To that end, we started exploring some basic tips offered by experts for accomplishing this important task, an effort that we'll conclude in today's post.

Be considerate with your timing

Experts urge parents to consider the timing of their divorce announcement, such that they will be present in the days -- and even the weeks -- afterward to talk to their child and off them the necessary support. An ideal time, they say, is the start of a long weekend.

Be united in your story

As difficult as it can be for children to learn their parents are splitting, it can be even more so when they receive differing explanations of what to expect going forward. For instance, a child can experience unnecessary anxiety when one parent indicates that a shared parenting arrangement will be the norm, while the other claims they will have primary physical custody.

As such, experts encourage parents to make sure they're on the same page when it comes to these types of issues in order to spare their children's emotions.

Be reaffirming

Parents must realize, say experts, that children will likely experience some fear of abandonment after learning of the divorce (even if they don't share this openly) and that this fear can be especially acute.

As such, parents are urged to reaffirm to their children how they will always be there for them and that they can count on them for anything, no matter the circumstances.

Be firm in your support for the other parent

While experts warn parents not to equivocate when breaking news of the divorce to children as it can send mixed messages, they also warn them not to be dishonest about still loving their soon-to-be former spouse, as it can have similar consequences.

Instead, they recommend parents express support for one another, especially as it relates to being the best possible parents.

Be stable   

As tumultuous as the days, weeks and months can be during the process, experts indicate that parents must strive to provide their children with a sense of stability. This means consistent and regular contact with each parent, and sticking to as regular of a schedule as possible.

Consider speaking with an experienced legal professional if you have questions relating to child custody, or want to learn more about your options for collecting or modifying child support. 

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