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November 2016 Archives

Estate planning is not just for the elderly

Just because you may not be a facing your retirement in the next few years, doesn't mean that you can't benefit from beginning your estate plan now. In fact, too many young and middle-aged men and women miss out on good opportunities because they believe that they shouldn't have to deal with things like estate planning yet.

What factors are considered in child custody awards?

The decision to end a marriage is generally never easy for Florida couples, especially when children are involved. Child custody litigation is difficult for parents and children alike, but can be especially confusing for children who do not understand why their parents are no longer living together. It can lead to a very insecure time in children's lives, and the constant struggle between parents to determine parental rights can be very damaging for them.

Committed to helping guide you through a difficult time

While many of our favorite television shows and films like to portray a spouse's decision to pursue a divorce as something made in the heat of the moment, perhaps following some salacious revelation or other shocking discovery, this is more of the exception than the norm.

Motorcycle accidents are a year-round problem for Floridians

Motorcycle accidents are a major issue in states across the country. In most states, motorcycle accidents are less common in the winter due to a decreased number of motorcyclists on the road. However, because Florida weather is pleasant year-round, motorcycle accidents are also a problem during the winter.

Why more divorced parents are 'nesting'

Once the ink on the divorce decree has dried and the former spouses have each made the necessary living arrangements, their parenting plan is clear to take effect. In many situations, this will entail the children packing up their things and going to stay with the other parent on weekends, holidays and other designated timeframes.

Distracted driving to blame for increase in car accident death statistics

As we head into the holiday season of the year when families do a lot of traveling on the highways, it's important to focus on safety behind the wheel. During the first half of 2016, approximately 18,000 people died on American roadways. This is a massive increase of over 10 percent compared to the first half of 2015, and last year saw similar increases over 2014. Why are fatalities increasing like this?