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Motorcycle accidents are a year-round problem for Floridians

Motorcycle accidents are a major issue in states across the country. In most states, motorcycle accidents are less common in the winter due to a decreased number of motorcyclists on the road. However, because Florida weather is pleasant year-round, motorcycle accidents are also a problem during the winter.

The risks of operating a motorcycle in Florida

Riding a motorcycle is significantly more dangerous than operating a car. According to federal estimates, motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to be killed in a traffic accident than a car driver. This is primarily due to the fact that motorcyclists lack of the protections that car drivers have in the event of a crash.

Motorcyclists are typically ejected from a motorcycle during a crash and lack a barrier between themselves and the other vehicles involved in a crash. Motorcyclists do not have tools such as seatbelts to keep them from being ejected in the event of a crash.

Head injuries are the most common type of injury sustained by motorcyclists who are killed in traffic accidents. Helmets are a crucial part of avoiding a head injury, and are about 67 percent effective in reducing the likelihood of a brain injury.

Florida recognizes the benefits of wearing helmets and requires that all drivers under the age of 21 wear helmets when operating a motorcycle. Motorists who are age 21 and up most show that they are insured before operating a motorcycle without a helmet.

Causes of motorcycle crashes

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is inattentive driving on the part of motorists. Motorcycles are easy for car drivers to miss because motorcycles are significantly smaller than a typical passenger vehicle.

Other causes of motorcycle accidents include operator error and intoxication. It is important to always operate a motorcycle while fully alert and never drive after having consumed drugs or alcohol.

Legal options for motorcycle accident victims

There may be several legal options available to individuals who suffer motorcycle injuries in traffic accidents caused by others. An experienced personal injury attorney can help assess the best course of action for your particular circumstances. Common options include filing insurance claims, personal injury lawsuits, and in some cases, actions against third parties such as motorcycle manufacturers.

A personal injury lawsuit can allow a motorcycle accident victim to recover funds for expenses such as medical care and rehabilitation services, and compensate an injured driver for lost wages, among other things.

The full extent of a motorcyclist's injuries should be considered before filing a personal injury action. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be familiar with often-overlooked injuries and expenses which may dramatically influence a claim. There are also legal time limits for filing a personal injury claim in Florida, so it is crucial to contact an attorney as soon as possible after an accident.

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