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Do divorce filings peak after holidays?

Holiday season is often an emotional one for most people across the country, including Florida residents. Families get together to celebrate good tidings and cheer and even though the occasion is supposed to be a happy one, it often ends up bringing simmering emotions to a boil. Financial pressures, family obligations and travelling can cause added stress that might lead to the end of the marriage for couples already struggling to hold themselves together.

According to some studies, it may be possible that divorce filings rise during certain parts of the year. An associate professor studying divorce filings between 2001 and 2015 discovered that divorce filings consistently peaked during August and March every year. Couples generally decide to try to get through the holidays together or attempt to reconcile during the holidays, which is why filings may peak afterwards as couples realize their marriage has ended. They take some time organize their financial affairs and prepare themselves and their families before filing, which is why it may take a couple of months before the actual papers are filed.

Though many struggling couples may try to reconcile their issues by planning ahead and avoiding disputes by diffusing difficult situations through humor, many may recognize it to be what it is-a short-term fix rather than a long term one.

Couples grow apart for a variety of reasons and though recognizing it may be difficult, once the decision has been made to terminate a marriage it is best to do it as quickly as possible, rather than draw out asset division and create animosity. An experienced divorce attorney can help couples discuss the terms of their divorce agreement so they can start the new year afresh.

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