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Get guidance to establish a child support agreement

Financial situations differ from family to family, but it is safe to say that a divorce and the period of adjustment right after a divorce affects a family not only emotionally but also financially. As a divorce is finalized and child custody agreements completed, not only do families have to deal with court or legal fees, but also adjust to the expenditures of running two households with perhaps one income. One parent may have taken a break from work to help raise the children and therefore workforce assimilation may not be instantaneous, further straining finances.

In order to ensure that children are not severely impacted by the new arrangement, Florida, along with all other states across the country, provide child support orders that the divorcing couple must abide by. A child support payment plan established a monetary order that the non custodial parent must pay to the custodial parent in order to ensure the children's basic needs and daily needs in addition to schooling and hospital expenses are catered to.

As mentioned previously, many factors are considered when child support orders are calculated and it is important for families to depict an accurate picture of their finances throughout the process. Lawyers at our firm understand the importance of a child support order and can help clients secure one that is in their children's best interests. In addition to this, we also understand that situations can change after the initial order has been established and therefore a support order may need to be changed accordingly.

Lawyers at our firm are dedicated to providing compassion and understanding to our clients to help them through a difficult time so they can put their past behind them and move forward. For more on how we can help during divorce proceedings, visit our page.

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