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March 2017 Archives

Gray divorce and its financial implications

The younger generation may not be aware that there was a time when there was a social stigma attached to divorce-not long ago, couples remained in marriages even during the worst of times because it was not considered acceptable in society to separate from one's spouse. That time has luckily passed and so has the perceived social stigma of terminating a marriage. For this reason, not only are younger couples more likely to end their marriage if things are not working out, but older couples are also calling it quits later in life.

Is the 401(k) account marital property?

As many who have gone through the divorce process in Florida can attest to, divvying up marital assets is a difficult and complex task. Not only are couples separating their emotions from one another but also their marital property and this can end up being a painful process. In addition to this, there is often confusion between the couple as to who will receive what when property is divided. Even where the divorce is amicable it may be beneficial to consult an experienced attorney to know what one is entitled to and ensure that they get their due.

Understanding child custody arrangements in Florida

As mentioned previously on this blog, family law courts in Florida encourage both parents to continue to share rights and responsibilities of their children. This is considered to be in the child's best interests post divorce if the parents are both fit for parenting. No longer is it automatically assumed that the father will have custody of minor children-fathers are given the same considerations when it comes to determining child custody in Florida.

We can guide you through asset division in a divorce

Couples grow apart for various reasons and as recent studies mentioned on this blog have demonstrated, they may realize their differences after holiday season. This is why many couples may decide to go their own ways after the holidays end and decide to begin the new year afresh. The difficult decision to end a marriage is just the first step however, there are a number of steps that must be taken before the divorce and all its complexities can be finalized.