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5 things to consider after a truck accident

An accident with a semi or tractor-trailor can lead to serious injuries. Victims of these crashes can opt to seek compensation for the injuries they suffer. It is imperative that all victims of semitruck accidents take time to learn some basic points about these cases so they can make sound plans and decisions after a crash.

#1: The cause of the accident can determine fault

You must determine who is at fault for the crash, which involves determining the cause of the accident. The at-fault party is then the party you name as the defendant in the lawsuit. There can be more than one defendant if more than one party was liable. This might be the case if a trucker was driving too fast because the trucking company issued an unrealistic deadline. The trucker and the trucking company, as well as the insurance company, might all be defendants.

#2: Investigation might be necessary

Determining the cause of the truck crash isn't always easy. You might have to look into the accident. Factors like the police report and records from the driver might provide the insight you need to determine what led to the accident.

#3: Think about all applicable damages

Your claim for compensation is a way to recoup the money you spent and the damages you have to deal with because of the crash. You should think carefully about all the damages. This includes the medical bills you have from the accident. It also includes wages you couldn't earn because you had to take off work and other bills that might come in the future that you can tie to the accident.

#4: Consider accepting a settlement

You don't have to accept a settlement, and you should not accept a settlement from the insurance company without first speaking to a lawyer. However, you should consider this possibility. Often, settlements resolve the case faster so you don't have to wait as long on the money you might need now. If you aren't willing to accept a settlement, you can work on preparing your case for trial. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make.

#5: Scrutinize the terms of any offers or judgments

You should carefully think about the terms of the settlement offer if one is made. You likely won't be able to come back for more compensation later. If you go to a trial and receive an award, you should make sure that you don't run afoul of the terms. Some resolutions might require that you don't disclose the terms of the resolution.

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