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Enforcement of unpaid medical expenses for a child

When child support is ordered in Florida, it is sometimes common for the supporting parent to be obligated to provide for medical expenses of the child. If there are expenses that are not paid by medical insurance and the custodial parent had to pay out of pocket, the order might say that the supporting parent is required to pay for all or part of the medical costs. If that is the case, the supporting parent will have to pay the custodial parent back. If this is not paid, the state's child support enforcement unit can be contacted.

Prior to contacting child support enforcement, the custodial parent should try to collect the money from the supporting parent. There are often instructions in the support order. These should be followed first. If no instructions are provided, the custodial parent should make a written request to the supporting parent that says the following: the date of the request; the name of the child who was treated; the doctor's name; the medical service the child received; the date it was received; the amount that was paid; how much is owed for their contribution; and the date the payment should be made by the supporting parent.

If the support order does not provide an amount of time to wait for payment, the custodial parent is advised to wait 30 days from the date of the request. In addition, the supporting parent should be given a copy of the medical bills and proof that they were paid. A copy of the written request for reimbursement should be retained in the event the supporting parent does not pay what is owed. The Florida Department of Revenue will need copies of everything that was provided to the supporting parent, so they will be able to help collect.

Whether the supporting parent is refusing to pay the medical expenses or the failure to provide the payment was due to another reason, having assistance is often imperative for the custodial parent to get what he or she is supposed to according the support agreement. Discussing the case with a lawyer experienced in family law can assist with the process and being reimbursed.

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