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We can guide you through asset division in a divorce

Couples grow apart for various reasons and as recent studies mentioned on this blog have demonstrated, they may realize their differences after holiday season. This is why many couples may decide to go their own ways after the holidays end and decide to begin the new year afresh. The difficult decision to end a marriage is just the first step however, there are a number of steps that must be taken before the divorce and all its complexities can be finalized.

Couples accumulate assets during the course of their marriage and separating them after the marriage ends can be a complicated and confusing process. There are a number of ways to classify property and how it is done can impact the whole process of asset division that takes place. Disputes can arise as to what assets one party came into the marriage with and how one party's contributions affected the other party's careers. These can turn simple asset division issues into more complex asset division.

However, it doesn't have to always be this way. Lawyers at our firm understand that a divorce is an emotionally difficult time for couples and this can lead to emotional outbursts that can cloud the whole divorce process. This is why we collaborate with various professionals including those who can engage in asset evaluation and can assist in fulfilling disclosure requirements.

We can also guide couples through the process of creating necessary paperwork to avoid asset division disputes in the first place. Though it is not an easy conversation to have before the wedding takes place, it can prove fruitful in case the marriage comes to an end. Either way, lawyers at our firm can help couples complete the requirements to end their marriage and start their new life in the new year. For more, visit our divorce webpage.

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