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April 2017 Archives

What are important factors in a parenting plan?

In Florida, when a couple shares a child and is no longer together in a relationship, the parenting plan will be an important factor that must be considered. Knowing how the state addresses this issue is key for both parents and the child. Florida seeks to make certain that minor children will be in contact with both parents after the divorce or the end of a relationship. It is also beneficial for the parents to share the responsibilities with the child.

Courts primary objective is to protect the children

During a divorce, tensions can run high. A marriage that has decidedly failed often means resentment and ill will toward the other spouse. After all, if the relationship were stronger, there would be no reason for a divorce. Although many feelings will be going through your mind and your heart as you go through the divorce process, one thing that remains constant is the love of your child or children.

What does equitable distribution mean?

When a married couple divorces, the parties must divide their property according to state law. The law of property division can vary from state to state, but the two main types of property division systems are known as community property and equitable distribution. Like most states, Florida practices equitable distribution.

How do courts determine child custody?

There are many things that need to be taken under consideration and decided upon when in the process of a divorce. Ideally, the courts would like to see that a divorcing couple is able to negotiate and determine as many of the decision-making issues such as child custody and property division by themselves, but divorces can be contentious and it is not uncommon for both sides to want the same thing for each other. When this occurs, the courts need to step in and make a decision. So what goes into the decision-making process for child custody?

Tips to get a speedy divorce

Many people assume that their divorce is going to be contested, get messy, cost much money, and take years to resolve. While, yes, for some divorces that may be true. But many people can work through their issues, maybe not enough to stay married, but sufficiently to ensure a smooth divorce. This post will go over the tricks to speed up your divorce and save some money.

8 injuries that might occur in a car crash

The force of a car crash and the aftermath of the crash often leave victims feeling sore. In some cases, the damage is much more severe than just a little soreness. Victims of car crashes should consider these eight possible injuries that can occur because of a car crash. Some of these injuries might not appear until after the crash, so be sure to remain vigilant for days and weeks.

Understanding the importance of legal help in a Florida divorce

Deciding to end a marriage is not an easy decision. Floridians who are making this drastic life change must be cognizant of all the different aspects of divorce. This includes how children will be handled, what will happen to possessions and assets, what the living arrangements will be, and more. Of substantial complexity is a high-profile divorce or a divorce in which there are significant assets to be sifted through. Whether it is a divorce of lesser means or one in which the couple is wealthy, there can still be a dispute over a litany of issues. Having legal assistance is paramount.

What is valid child support?

Child support often plays a serious part in family law litigation in Florida. Support must be used to offset some child-related costs so the parent with less income, or has custody for a longer period, can provide for the child's needs and keep a consistent standard of living for them.