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8 injuries that might occur in a car crash

The force of a car crash and the aftermath of the crash often leave victims feeling sore. In some cases, the damage is much more severe than just a little soreness. Victims of car crashes should consider these eight possible injuries that can occur because of a car crash. Some of these injuries might not appear until after the crash, so be sure to remain vigilant for days and weeks.

#1: Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries can occur because of a direct hit to the spine or because of the violent motion of the car crash. These injuries can lead to the need for life-long care, loss of income and other damages. Victims might choose to seek compensation for their injuries from the party liable for the accident.

#2: Whiplash

Whiplash, which is a soft tissue injury of the neck, can occur due to the sharp and violent flinging of the head that is likely in a car crash. This injury is most likely to occur in a rear-end collision.

#3: Brain injuries

Brain injuries might occur if you hit your head on something or even if your head is snapped around during the car crash. The symptoms of these injuries might take days to show up. Getting medical care is crucial if you think you have a head injury from the crash.

#4: Broken bones

You might suffer from broken bones during a car crash. These are usually obvious at the time of the accident. You might need an orthopedist to care for the broken bone.

#5: Blunt force injuries

Blunt force injuries, which are common in the chest and abdominal area, are usually the result of hitting an object like the steering wheel. These injuries might also be the result of the force of the seat belt holding you in place.

#6: Sprains and strains

Sprains and strains are common due to the force of trying to restrain yourself in the crash. You might have an injury to your wrist, elbow or shoulder from trying to brace yourself. Injuries to the hip, knee and ankle are also possible.

#7: Burns

Burns from radiator leaks, sparks and fires can require medical care. Victims burned by chemicals should be especially careful since these injuries can worsen for some time if they don't receive proper treatment.

#8: Emotional trauma

Emotional trauma is easy to ignore after a car crash. Post-traumatic stress disorder is possible. Some victims of car crashes might need to seek mental health counseling to help them deal with the negative effects of the harrowing accident.

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