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Courts primary objective is to protect the children

During a divorce, tensions can run high. A marriage that has decidedly failed often means resentment and ill will toward the other spouse. After all, if the relationship were stronger, there would be no reason for a divorce. Although many feelings will be going through your mind and your heart as you go through the divorce process, one thing that remains constant is the love of your child or children.

The courts understand that children can be negatively affected by a divorce. Seeing their mom and dad no longer getting along can lead to feelings of sadness, confusion and even self-blame.

During these trying times, it is important to try to keep the living environment as close to the same as possible. Too much change may further negatively affect the children. One way to do this is to try to keep the family's previous standard of living intact. If one spouse has custody and the other spouse continues to work, the custodial parent may be awarded child support to care for the child or children.

For over twenty years, Messer & Messer Law Offices have been serving Port Saint Lucie, Florida and the surrounding area with family law matters. We understand the mental strain and pressure that people go through while in a divorce. It is often very difficult to think clearly and get a firm perspective on the situation. We will work with you to understand your situation, learn about your goals and wishes, and do everything in our power to see that your goals and wishes are met.

We understand that the other side will have people working hard for their rights; you owe it to yourself to support yourself by working with a team built on success. Whether it is complex asset division, child custody, child support, we know that the best interests of the child are paramount and we will work to serve you. Our website has more information about a variety of family law topics, and how we serve our clients.

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