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Tips to get a speedy divorce

Many people assume that their divorce is going to be contested, get messy, cost much money, and take years to resolve. While, yes, for some divorces that may be true. But many people can work through their issues, maybe not enough to stay married, but sufficiently to ensure a smooth divorce. This post will go over the tricks to speed up your divorce and save some money.


The best way to speed up your divorce is to educate yourself on the family finances. You need to learn about the accounts, the house, the retirement assets, stocks, and everything else. That information will be crucial to securing a fair settlement and the more you know, the faster and easier the divorce becomes. Additionally, you should learn about the basics of custody and visitation. You need to understand the legal framework in which the court reviews these cases (hint, many parents make child custody about them, rather than what is best for the children).

Second, you should talk to your spouse. Yes, it may sound impossible, but the fastest and cheapest divorces are between people who can cooperate through the process. The more legal issues you can work out on your own, the more control you have over the process and the cheaper it becomes.

Anything you have trouble resolving can be addressed through the traditional court process. In that case, you may want to speak with a lawyer for legal advice. You do not need to resort to the courts immediately; you can address some of these legal disputes on your own. An attorney can fill the gaps with whatever you couldn't finalize.


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