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What are important factors in a parenting plan?

In Florida, when a couple shares a child and is no longer together in a relationship, the parenting plan will be an important factor that must be considered. Knowing how the state addresses this issue is key for both parents and the child. Florida seeks to make certain that minor children will be in contact with both parents after the divorce or the end of a relationship. It is also beneficial for the parents to share the responsibilities with the child.

The majority of the time, a minor child will be shared in the child custody agreement with both parents having rights and responsibilities. The parents will need to have at least a cordial communicative situation so the decisions can be made and agreed upon by both. The spouses can agree to allow one parent to have the final decision-making say over various aspects of the child's life such as schooling, medical care, education and more. The court can also decree that this be the case.

In some instances, one parent will be granted sole custody. For this to happen, the court must come to the determination that shared custody would be a detriment to the child. The court can create a parenting plan or approve of one that the parents created. The daily needs of the child will be addressed as will the above-mentioned issues like school, religion, etc. There will also be an order for communication between the parent and child.

The most important factor is the child's best interests. In Florida, the parents will have to take part in a parenting course before the divorce is completed. Parents who are concerned about child custody need to know about how a parenting plan will be formulated. If there are issues in dispute regarding parenting plans or help is needed in creating one, afamily law attorney can help.

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