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May 2017 Archives

Rapper and wife move forward with high asset divorce

There are many people in Florida who are of substantial means. While this can lead to a rewarding life, it complicates matters when it is a married couple and they choose to divorce. Issues that come to the forefront in a high asset divorce include property interests, complex asset division and more. To add to the complicated matters in these circumstances is if it is a famous person who is involved. This will bring the media into the situation and commentary - not all kind - from outsiders. To be protected in any divorce, legal assault if vital.

The potential pitfalls of prenup discussions

Arguably, the biggest wedding of the year will take place this weekend when Pippa Middleton marries her longtime beau.  Indeed, we don’t seen as many billionaire/millionaire marriages as we have in years past, but this story makes us wonder whether prenuptial agreements (and postnuptial agreements, for that matter) really affect people’s attitudes towards marriage.

Shielding business from divorce

Property disputes in a Florida divorce are not limited to disputes over marital assets such as the house or bank accounts. A spouse's business assets may be lost without proper planning. A proper valuation of the worth of the business is necessary. This allows the spouses to seek agreement over its status or division.

Protecting your assets when getting married

Because half of all marriages end with a divorce in this country, engaged couples in Florida should set their emotions aside and consider entering a prenuptial agreement that helps disclose their assets and lessen the intensity of property disputes when a marriage ends. Certain couples may benefit more from these agreements.

Florida child support law for medical expenses and healthcare

There are many aspects to Florida child custody and support and all are important. Some are more important than others. A specific issue that must be addressed in a support situation is healthcare and medical expenses. Children must have insurance and receive proper medical care. The laws of the state provide for the health insurance of a minor of it is reasonable and accessible.