Florida child support law for medical expenses and healthcare

On Behalf of | May 5, 2017 | child support

There are many aspects to Florida child custody and support and all are important. Some are more important than others. A specific issue that must be addressed in a support situation is healthcare and medical expenses. Children must have insurance and receive proper medical care. The laws of the state provide for the health insurance of a minor of it is reasonable and accessible.

“Reasonableness” is defined as its addition not going beyond five percent of the gross income of the supporting parent. It will be considered accessible if it is available within the county in which the child primarily resides or in another county of the parent who has the child for the most time agrees to it. The court has the option to require the supporting parent to either provide health insurance or to reimburse the other parent for the cost if the other parent pays for the healthcare.

The court retains the right to deviate from reasonable cost if it provides a written finding as to why and that it will be unjust or inappropriate for the basic laws of health insurance be adhered to. Regardless, the court will allocate the costs for healthcare including that which is not covered by insurance to both parties. The court can also order that medical care that is not covered under insurance by paid directly to the receiving parent based on percentages. If the case is only for medical support, each parent’s portion of what will be paid will equal the percentage share of the parents’ combined net income.

Medical care is a hot button issue at any time, but it is even more important when it comes to children. Circumstances with a couple that has parted ways can be difficult in all matters of support and medical care is no exception. Of course, it is essential. If there are any issues or confusion regarding medical expenses or healthcare, discussing the matter with an attorney experienced in family law can help.

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