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June 2017 Archives

How does family law deal with parental relocation?

When a Florida couple has a child and is no longer together, there will be disagreements over child custody issues. However, once those are settled, another matter might arise as the custodial parent would like to relocate with the child. There could be many reasons for this decision from being closer to his or her family or for a job. The law is specific about relocation and how it can be done. Those who are facing this issue, either as a custodial parent or as the noncustodial parent must understand these laws.

Key points about premarital agreements in a divorce

With a Florida divorce - particularly one that is a high asset divorce - there is a chance that there was a premarital agreement before the marriage. This is also referred to by some as a prenuptial agreement or, in short, a "prenup." For both the spouse who entered the marriage with the bulk of the assets and the spouse who agreed to the premarital agreement, this can be complicated if the marriage comes apart and the decision is made to divorce. Understanding various points about the law when it comes to a premarital agreement is essential.

Beware of the dangers of parasailing

Summer is a wonderful time for those of us lucky enough to live in coastal communities near the beach, such as Port Saint Lucie. Not only is this a destination mecca for friends and relatives who live in other states and inland area, we also have a plethora of activities we van enjoy while on a beach outing.

Arrest thrown out in child support case

Failure to pay child support can have very serious legal consequences in Florida including arrest. However, a Florida appeals court clarified the of judicial officials in family law cases by ruling that hearing officers cannot order the arrest of parents who are delinquent in support payments.

Important legal points about granting a divorce in Florida

It is not unusual for people who are in the process of a marital dispute to jump before they fully understand all the various aspects that are important in a divorce. The basics are frequently pushed to the side. This is a mistake, whether it is a high asset divorce of a high-profile couple or one of more modest means. Complex, simple or somewhere in between, the law is the same for everyone.