Custody and visitation issues may arise during holidays

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2017 | child custody

Parents look forward to spending time with their children regardless of the time of year. Often, though, during the holidays they have a little bit more time to enjoy playtime and conversations with their kids and to engage in activities through which they may forge stronger bonds. For Florida families that have undergone separations and divorces, though, the holidays can be difficult periods of the year when loved ones cannot be together.

Depending upon the terms and conditions of a family’s child custody and visitation order, a parent may not be able to see their child during a holiday such as the Fourth of July. They may have to alternate or share time with their children with their former spouse in such a way that is disruptive to their relationship with their kids. During holidays, parents may become aware of problems they have with the orders that govern their custody and visitation rights and issues in them that do not serve the best interests of their kids.

The Messer & Messer Law Offices, a dedicated family law firm located in Saint Lucie County, is committed to assisting families work toward custody and visitation arrangements that meet the needs of all involved. While making paramount the best interests of the children subject to the family law arrangements and considering the desires of their parents as well the attorneys of Messer & Messer are devoted to advocating for their clients’ family law rights.

Custody and visitation matters can be hot button issues during divorces but they can also create tension between former partners after divorces are complete. Whether a problem with a custody and visitation order arises during a holiday, after a divorce is finalized, or at a different point in time the lawyers of the Messer & Messer Law Offices are available for consultation on a variety of family law matters.