Help your child receive the financial support they need

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2017 | child support

Divorce can be incredibly hard on a Florida child. After growing accustomed to living with both of their parents in a family home, they may wake up one morning to find out that their parents will no longer have a relationship and that they may have to move or be forced to share their time in two separate households. The upheaval of a child’s life due to divorce can be even more dramatic if they must change schools, change the activities that they participate in, or even relocate in order to meet the terms of any custodial arrangements the court establishes contemporaneous with their parents’ divorce.

However, one way that parents can help smooth the path through divorce for their child is through the careful planning and creation of child support agreements. While courts can set child support orders based on the prevailing guidelines of the state, parents can take some control over this process so that they can be sure their child will have everything they need to live a positive post-divorce life.

A well-crafted child support agreement will seek to provide a child with enough financial support to meet their basic needs. It should keep a roof over the child’s head, food on their table and clothing on their back. It should also be sufficient to allow the child to live at their pre-divorce standard of living so that they may continue to play the sports and partake in the enrichment activities that they enjoyed before their parents ended their marriage.

Child support agreements should serve the best interests of the kids who are subject to their terms. At the Messer & Messer Law Offices we work with parents to protect their children as our clients’ marriage come to their legal ends. To learn more about how our services may help you help your kids during your divorce, please visit our firm’s webpages on child support and family law.