Significant penalties can apply for failing to pay child support

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2017 | child support

There are many reasons that being a parent is hard, but being parent who does not have full custody of their child is incredibly tough. Often when a Florida parent does not have physical custody of their child the parent is required to pay financial support to their offspring for the child’s care and maintenance. The state of Florida offers parents guidelines for determining how much child support they will have to pay, and courts can order specific amounts based on families’ particular situations and needs.

Paying child support is a legal obligation, and just like failing to meet any other type of legal obligation the failure of a parent to keep up with their child support payments can be met with serious sanctions. In Florida, a noncompliant parent may see their driver’s license suspended or their vehicle’s registration denied. A parent’s financial assets may be seized to pay for their child support obligation, and the state may intervene and take the parent’s tax return.

Additionally, parents who willfully fail to pay their child support obligations may be subject to fines above and beyond the sums due for child support. In some cases, a court may even order that a parent be jailed for their failure to stay current on their financial obligation to their child.

Not every parent who fails to keep up with their child support payments does so willfully. Many parents find that changes in their work or other financial commitments may make paying child support next to impossible. If a change in circumstances threatens a parent’s chances of keeping current on their child support obligation, they may wish to consult with a family law attorney about seeking a modification to the order that mandates their financial compliance.