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August 2017 Archives

Legal custody is an important part of post-divorce parenting

One of the major concerns that Florida parents have when they choose to divorce is how their children's lives will be affected by the split in their family. Often those concerns revolve around how the kids' daily lives will be uprooted by physical custody matters; physical custody refers to where a child lives and which parent has control of their physical person. Parents can share physical custody, or one parent can be assigned sole physical custody while the other receives visitation time with the children.

Can I get custody of my child as an unmarried father?

Florida courts seek to provide for the best interests of children when they make custody decisions. Whether they are establishing physical custody and visitation schedules, legal custody, or both, courts must weigh many factors in order to understand how their parents and other relatives may provide and care for the children when they are under the adults' control. Generally, parents are able to secure physical and legal custody of their children, but as an unmarried father, a man may have a few obstacles to hurdle in order to achieve his custody wishes.

Real estate developer and wife plan to divorce

All couples experience challenges that threaten the stability of their marriages and make them consider how best to salvage their relationships. For some Floridians, hard work and understanding help them to remedy the problems that arise between them and their partners. For others, there are no options to fix the issues that develop between their spouses and them.

Helpful tips for handling new school year routines

With a new school year on the horizon, parents and children alike will have to adjust to new realities. There may be new schools, new friends, and of course, new challenges. But life is all about making adjustments; so divorced and separated parents must find a way to make things work as a new school year begins. This post will provide some helpful tips to make things easier.

Our firm works to help parents secure child support payments

Not long ago, this Saint Lucie family law blog provided its readers with a post on the factors that may play into a child support order. Child support is intended to provide a child with the financial support they need to have their basic requirements met and, in the case of divorce, to live at the standard they were accustom to when their parents were together. As different children have different needs child support obligations can vary from family to family and it is important for families to consult with family law attorneys to ensure that their kids are receiving the appropriate amount of support for their necessities.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris end 8-year marriage

Money does not always make things better. In some situations, having money can make things more difficult. Take for example the legal separation or divorce of a highly compensated power couple, the partners to which both earn significant incomes and who share assets in the millions of dollars. Although the partners to this scenario may be able to provide for themselves when their marriage is over, they may struggle to come to an agreement about property division while working out the details of their settlement agreement.

How is my child support obligation calculated?

Children come into the world with different needs. For example, although of course all children need the basics of shelter, food and clothing, all across Florida there live children who require specialized medical care as well as kids who only need annual check-ups and kids who need individualized schooling as well as those who thrive in public classrooms. Children's needs vary greatly, and as such, children who receive child support can see their monthly sums vary a great deal depending upon their personal requirements.

Serious injuries change your life instantly

The last thing you expected to happen today was to get into an accident. You were driving a familiar road with no concerns. There was hardly any traffic, and the day was clear and warm. With no wind to speak of, there was no weather-related reason for any drivers to struggle to stay on the road.

Florida courts require parenting plans in certain cases

The failure of the partners to a marriage to be able to effectively communicate may be the reason that those partners choose to end their marriage through divorce. When a marriage ends or a relationship runs its course, it can be easy for the parties to want to cut ties quickly in order to move forward with their lives. If those individuals share children, however, severing contact between each other can be very difficult.