Florida courts require parenting plans in certain cases

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | child custody

The failure of the partners to a marriage to be able to effectively communicate may be the reason that those partners choose to end their marriage through divorce. When a marriage ends or a relationship runs its course, it can be easy for the parties to want to cut ties quickly in order to move forward with their lives. If those individuals share children, however, severing contact between each other can be very difficult.

In Florida, individuals who share children and intend to share those children between their households must create parenting plans. There are minimum requirements that must be contained in those plans, and this post will briefly discuss some of them; readers who are in the process of developing their own parenting plans may wish to talk over their questions with family law attorneys to make sure their plans conform to the state’s requirements.

A parenting plan must discuss how the parents will support their child with the child’s daily needs. This can include but is not limited to how the parents will be involved in the child’s upbringing and who will make decisions about the child’s welfare.

The plan must also include a schedule of where the child will be and how and when the parents will transition the child between their households. It should note provisions regarding how the child may communicate with their other parent when they are not at that parent’s home.

Finally, a solid parenting plan should stipulate which parent will be responsible for maintaining the child records for school, health care, and other important matters. One parent may need to be named the child’s primary custodial so that the child may be allowed to attend a particular school through the use of that parent’s address.

Parenting plans are important for ensuring that children of divorce and separation are well cared for. When parents cannot create these plans on their own, the courts may step in and dictate the terms of such plans to the parents so that their children may have some consistency in their new lives.