How is my child support obligation calculated?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2017 | child support

Children come into the world with different needs. For example, although of course all children need the basics of shelter, food and clothing, all across Florida there live children who require specialized medical care as well as kids who only need annual check-ups and kids who need individualized schooling as well as those who thrive in public classrooms. Children’s needs vary greatly, and as such, children who receive child support can see their monthly sums vary a great deal depending upon their personal requirements.

In addition to a child’s needs, a court making a child support determination may consider other factors. A parent must be able to pay the monthly amount that a court establishes; parental income is an important factor that will be assessed to ensure that a parent is capable of keeping up with a child’s support payments.

Also, a court may consider a child’s standard of living when deciding how much support they will receive. A person’s standard of living can demonstrate the level of comfort and wealth that they are accustomed to in their normal life, and when a court evaluates a child’s standard of living, it does so to ensure that the support the child receives will be adequate to maintain the standard they know.

A variety of other considerations can increase or decrease the amount of money a parent is obligated to pay in child support. Readers are asked to remember that as every child support case will be determined on its own facts it is important that they seek individualized answers to their family law questions. The information contained in this blog should not be read as legal guidance or advice.