Legal custody is an important part of post-divorce parenting

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2017 | child custody

One of the major concerns that Florida parents have when they choose to divorce is how their children’s lives will be affected by the split in their family. Often those concerns revolve around how the kids’ daily lives will be uprooted by physical custody matters; physical custody refers to where a child lives and which parent has control of their physical person. Parents can share physical custody, or one parent can be assigned sole physical custody while the other receives visitation time with the children.

However, physical custody is not the only form of child custody that parents should concern themselves with. Legal custody is also a very important part of settling a child’s life in the wake of a divorce; legal custody concerns the right of a parent to make important and long-term decisions about their children’s upbringing and care.

A parent with legal custody of their child has a right to voice their opinions and concerns surrounding important matters in the child’s life. They are part of the discussion when there is talk of moving the child from one school to another, and they can be involved in the medical treatments and procedures their child must endure. Parents with legal custody can influence if or how the child is received into a religious or faith system, what activities they will participate in and many other decisions.

In many cases courts give both parents legal custody of their children even if only one is granted physical custody of the kids. Legal custody is an important parental right and those parents who fear that their voices are not being heard regarding the upbringing of their children may wish to consult with family law attorneys to ensure their rights as divorced parents are being respected.