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On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2017 | child support

Not long ago, this Saint Lucie family law blog provided its readers with a post on the factors that may play into a child support order. Child support is intended to provide a child with the financial support they need to have their basic requirements met and, in the case of divorce, to live at the standard they were accustom to when their parents were together. As different children have different needs child support obligations can vary from family to family and it is important for families to consult with family law attorneys to ensure that their kids are receiving the appropriate amount of support for their necessities.

Once a child support order is created, though, issues related to its execution may still linger. In some cases, a parent responsible for paying child support may fail in their obligation and their child may go without the financial support their order mandated. In cases such as this, a parent with custody of their child may seek to have the child support order enforced through a variety of legal methods that can, if needed, penalize the delinquent paying parent.

Enforcement is critical in child support cases so that paying parents stay current on their monthly payments. As a parent becomes more and more delinquent it may become more difficult to collect back payments and a child may become more and more burdened by their parent’s failure to provide them with the financial support they require.

From having initial child support orders created to having those orders enforced, the Messer & Messer Law Offices are available to provide their family law clients with personalized legal guidance on all of their child support questions. The firm also provides support for parents who wish to seek modifications to their outstanding orders; to learn more about the extensive legal services offered by Messer & Messer please visit the firm through its child support webpage.