Real estate developer and wife plan to divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2017 | high asset divorce

All couples experience challenges that threaten the stability of their marriages and make them consider how best to salvage their relationships. For some Floridians, hard work and understanding help them to remedy the problems that arise between them and their partners. For others, there are no options to fix the issues that develop between their spouses and them.

Divorces happen to individuals of every background, including the very wealthy. In fact, a well-known South Florida real estate developer and business partner of President Donald Trump is planning to divorce his estranged wife. Gil Dezer, whose wealth is estimated in the billions of dollars, will divorce his wife of ten years and make their year-and-a-half separation permanent.

Dezer is known for his over-the-top style and vast collection of cars and other assets. As he and his wife move toward divorce, the presence or absence of a prenuptial agreement between them could significantly impact how their property will be divided. Dezer may also find himself responsible for ongoing spousal support payments to his ex-wife so that she may not be financially impacted by the termination of her marriage to Dezer.

High asset divorces of this nature can be complex as a couple’s assets, wealth and property is amassed, valued and then subjected to the property division process. Many factors can influence how a court divides the items of property that the parties to a divorce acquired while they were married; property law is an important aspect of the divorce process and readers who feel their wealth may suffer should they pursue their own divorces may wish to consult with family law attorneys.

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