Serious injuries change your life instantly

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2017 | blog

The last thing you expected to happen today was to get into an accident. You were driving a familiar road with no concerns. There was hardly any traffic, and the day was clear and warm. With no wind to speak of, there was no weather-related reason for any drivers to struggle to stay on the road.

That’s why you were shocked when the single car that was going to pass you suddenly jerked into your lane. You had no time to respond, and within seconds, you found yourself in a totaled vehicle. You hit your head, suffered a concussion and had multiple broken bones.

You survived, but your life has been forever changed. You’re not alone. Many people who have suffered catastrophic injuries know the trauma it causes and the changes that have to be made in your life.

What changes happen as a result of a serious injury?

The first obvious change is that you may not feel like yourself. You may struggle to enjoy the things you once loved because you can no longer walk for long periods of time or because you get severe headaches. You might be dealing with partial paralysis or have short-term memory loss that makes participating in activities nearly impossible.

Another major change is the loss of income you’ll suffer initially. While the person responsible for the collision should cover your lost wages now and in the future, the impact of the sudden loss of a job can destroy the hopes and dreams and individual has for the future. Along with that, there’s now a change in the path to career growth you expected, which might set you back or take away your goals completely.

Your injuries are the result of another person’s negligence, so they may be held liable for any struggles you have as a result. Keep your medical documents and be prepared to discuss how your life has been forever changed.