They are your children: Have a voice in their child custody plan

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2017 | child custody

Although divorce is a legal process that requires its litigants to follow certain rules and procedures, the paths that Florida divorce petitioners follow can be very different. The way that the parties structured the ownership of their assets, the repayment of marital debts or the need of one partner to request alimony from the other can all change the nature of a Florida divorce.

One factor, though, has a greater impact on a divorce than practically all of the rest. That factor is the presence of children in the couple’s life, particularly children that the partners to the divorce share as parents. If a couple has children, then it is very likely that their divorce proceedings will include negotiations over child support payments and child custody arrangements.

Just as a child’s needs should be assessed during a determination on how much support they should receive from their noncustodial parent, so too should an assessment be made of how a child’s interests can be best supported through a child custody plan. In Florida, parents may receive joint physical custody, or one parent may receive sole physical custody while the noncustodial parent has visitation rights and both share legal custody of their offspring.

Different families have different custodial needs, and for that reason, parents going through divorce have the opportunity to not only secure strong legal support for their divorce proceedings but also zealous family law advocates who can support them in their custodial fights. The attorneys of the Messer & Messer Law Offices stand up for parents who wish to remain active in their children’s lives despite their divorces. To learn more about the legal professionals of the practice, readers are invited to visit Messer & Messer online.