What records should I maintain as the payer of child support?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2017 | child support

Child support may be used in Florida to provide a child with the financial assistance they require to have their everyday needs met, their education costs covered and their medical bills paid. Both parents of a child are expected to pay child support for the benefit of their offspring, though noncustodial parents often are often viewed as the payers of child support as they must send their support to the household of their former partners where their kids’ reside in order to ensure their payments reach their kids.

When a noncustodial parent begins paying child support, there are some important records that they should keep in the event a dispute arises over the timing or amount of their payments. First, they should have a copy of the child support order or agreement that sets forth their obligation at hand for personal reference and for discussing support terms with their former partners.

Next, they should maintain accurate records of when they make child support payments to their kids. They may wish to keep bank records of when the checks or electronic payments they send clear out of their accounts, and they may wish to save copies or images of payment checks in the child support records. If possible, if they make their payments through electronic banking, they may choose to set up automatic payment alerts so that the sending of child support funds is automatic and does not get overlooked.

Parents who fail to meet their child support obligations can face strict penalties for noncompliance. For this reason it can be useful to noncustodial parents who pay child support to have up-to-date records of their payment histories available so that they may provide evidence of their continuing support in the face of arguments against them.