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October 2017 Archives

What types of alimony are available in Florida?

Not every high asset marriage ends with the parties emerging with equal shares in their apparently vast wealth. Depending upon the presence of prenuptial agreements, the manner in which assets were held or used during the marriage and other factors a Florida resident who lived a wealthy married life may find that their financial power diminishes significantly after their relationship is over.

Designer, producer head for high asset divorce

She is a designer for an international fashion house. He is the producer of some of modern history's greatest films. Floridians may know the names Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein for their professional accomplishments, but now the pair is in the news because Chapman has decided to end their nearly decade-long marriage.

Incarceration may not end child support obligation

When a parent does not have physical custody of their child, they are usually ordered to pay support for the benefit of the youth. In Florida, child support may be used for everyday expenses to maintain a child's livelihood as well as for extracurricular expenses, vacations and other enjoyments. A parent who must pay child support has options for having their child support obligation modified, though incarceration is generally not an acceptable basis on which to have a child support order changed.

Factors that may influence parents' physical custody rights

The right of a parent to the physical custody of their child includes the right of that parent to have the child live with them in their home. In Florida, a court may determine that both of a child's parents should have physical custody of them. In cases such as this, a child may split their time between the households of their parents. A sole parent may also be granted physical custody of their child, in which case the other parent, known often as the noncustodial parent, may have visitation time with their kid.

Does your child support order meet your child's needs?

Children are unique and beautiful additions to their parents' lives, and even though they drive their parents up the wall from time to time, Florida children are loved and supported by their mothers and fathers. Because most parents want their kids to feel cared for and provided with what they need to both survive and thrive, those parents are willing to sacrifice and make accommodations to ensure that their children's best interests are met. This can mean recognizing deficiencies and working for change with their kids' support orders are insufficient to meet the children's requirements.

Television star, wife, come to temporary support order

The process of separating one's life from that of their marital partner can take some time. Florida couples that choose to divorce may have to endure months of negotiations before their final decrees of divorce are issued by the courts. During that time, the partners may begin to live their separate lives even though technically they are still wed.