Designer, producer head for high asset divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | high asset divorce

She is a designer for an international fashion house. He is the producer of some of modern history’s greatest films. Floridians may know the names Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein for their professional accomplishments, but now the pair is in the news because Chapman has decided to end their nearly decade-long marriage.

The Chapman-Weinstein divorce comes on the heels of numerous accusations against Weinstein for sexually harassing and assaulting women over the last several decades. The pair shares two children and Weinstein is the parent to three adult children from a prior marriage. Both Chapman and Weinstein have amassed considerable wealth through their careers and as they begin dividing their lives several factors will influence how their lives will unfold in the wake of their split.

First, the presence of a premarital agreement or post-marital agreement may determine if Chapman will have any rights to the business assets Weinstein holds as a founder of The Weinstein Company. Agreements of this nature allow couples to establish property and asset allocation in the event that the partners divorce, but they do not allow couples to set conditions on matters related to custody.

Second, therefore, the custody of their two minor children will need to be addressed, and in all cases where children are involved, courts look to preserve the kids’ best interests. It is possible that the accusations made against Weinstein will play a role in whether his custodial rights are preserved but it is not possible to speculate on an outcome related to this topic.

The high profile and high asset divorce of Chapman and Weinstein will continue to receive attention as the scandal around Weinstein’s alleged conduct grows. However, the fundamental issues related to divorce, support, property division and custody that Chapman and Weinstein will confront are similar to those everyday Floridians face when they choose to end their marriages. Readers with questions about ending marriages may wish to reach out to family law attorneys in their communities.

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