Does your child support order meet your child’s needs?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2017 | child support

Children are unique and beautiful additions to their parents’ lives, and even though they drive their parents up the wall from time to time, Florida children are loved and supported by their mothers and fathers. Because most parents want their kids to feel cared for and provided with what they need to both survive and thrive, those parents are willing to sacrifice and make accommodations to ensure that their children’s best interests are met. This can mean recognizing deficiencies and working for change with their kids’ support orders are insufficient to meet the children’s requirements.

Consider, for example, a child who develops a serious medical condition in the years following the execution of their child support order. The amount of support their noncustodial parent pays for their benefit may have been enough to meet their needs at the time the order was created; in the wake of their diagnosis, though, it may be too little to care for the child’s necessities.

This is just one scenario that may give reason the modification of a child support order based on the changing needs of the supported child. Additionally, child support orders can often be augmented or scaled back to meet the changes in circumstances some parents experience after being committed to paying child support to their kids.

When a child’s needs require a child support change or a parent’s capacity to pay is modified by circumstances in their own life then modifications to the operating child support order must be pursued. The attorneys of Messer & Messer know that life can take turns that individuals cannot anticipate and for this reason they are prepared to support their clients as they pursue child support modifications. Please visit the firm online through its child support website to gain a better understanding of child support in Florida.