Can the state suspend my license if I don’t pay child support?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | child support

When a Florida court orders a parent to pay financial support for the benefit of their child, that order creates a legally enforceable obligation on the part of the parent. If that parent does not meet the terms set forth in the child support agreement or order, they can be subject to certain enforcement procedures that are intended to compel them to make payments. One of those enforcement procedures is the suspension of the parent’s driver’s license.

A parent may first receive a notice from the Florida Department of Revenue that asks the parent to meet with a representative to work out a repayment plan. With that notice, the parent may receive written notice that their driver’s license and vehicle registration may be suspended if nonpayment continues.

A parent who receives such a notice has three options for how to address it. They may pay off the balance of their outstanding child support bill and bring their obligation back into compliance. They may establish a repayment plan that gives them time to pay down what they owe while staying in compliance with the support payments they are still required to provide to their child. Finally, they may file a petition with the courts to contest the claims of nonpayment. The parent has 20 days to take any of these actions to prevent their license and registration from being canceled.

If a parent ignores a notice regarding child support enforcement, they may suffer the suspension of their license. Though most parents do not intend to fall behind on their financial obligations to their kids, many do and feel trapped by the consequences they may suffer if they cannot financially catch up. Those parents who fear that they will be subjected to the penalties of child support enforcement may wish to discuss their concerns with their family law attorneys.