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December 2017 Archives

Financial concerns can complicate a New Year divorce

Although divorces occur through the year, in Florida and other parts of the country divorces tend to increase after the holiday season. Whether they are precipitated by the togetherness that the holidays often impose upon families or because parents do not want to break up their families during a traditionally happy time of year, post-holiday divorces happen to couples who may have never expected to end their marriages.

Can courts award child support retroactively?

If a Florida couple chooses to end its relationship and the partners to it share children, then the partners may find that despite their desires to separate their lives from each other, there are a number of legal matters that they ultimately must resolve. This is especially true if the partners share children between them. In addition to establishing custodial schedules that outline where the kids will live, the parents also must work out issues related to their children's financial support.

Steps to take if you need to modify your child support order

Life can change very quickly for a Florida resident. One day they may have a solid job and firm financial footing, and the next an employment termination may leave them in a precarious economic situation. As they work to get back on their feet, they may have to take on work that pays them substantially less than what they were making in their prior employment position.

Holiday conflicts may bring child custody issues to the forefront

The winter holidays are a special time for many Florida families. They are a time when parents may have days off from work and when kids are away from school, giving adults and children moments to bond and enjoy each other's company. For families affected by divorce, though, the holidays can be a period of stress and confusion if parents have unclear expectations about where their children should be.

How might separate property be converted to marital property?

Florida residents often enter their marriages after working hard in their careers and earning significant income prior to walking down the aisle. As such, when they marry, they may possess significant assets and wealth separate and apart from what they may plan to own with their future spouse. If they do not safeguard the management and use of their separate property, though, those assets may be viewed as marital property and may be subject to division should the couple eventually divorce.

Many factors can influence child custody outcomes

Deciding where a child should live and who should have the right to make decisions about their upbringing can be difficult for Florida courts to do. As every child custody matter is different, a court may have to make very diverse determinations based on the needs of each child and family. As such, there are a number of factors that Florida courts can use to decide matters of child custody.

Have you forgotten this important parenting responsibility?

As a parent of a minor child, you have a lot of responsibilities. One of the responsibilities that you might not have thought about is making a plan for what will happen with your children if you pass away. Even though this isn't a pleasant thought, you might be able to rest a bit easier at night if you know you have made this plan.

Will a move into Florida end my child's support order?

Families move into and out of Florida all of the time. Whether their relocations are due to personal preferences, job requirements or other rationales, it is not uncommon for a person to live in more than one state by the time they reach adulthood. Although moving alone can be stressful enough, some individuals who have operating family law orders may worry about how the enforcement of those orders will be managed under a new jurisdiction.