Financial concerns can complicate a New Year divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | high asset divorce

Although divorces occur through the year, in Florida and other parts of the country divorces tend to increase after the holiday season. Whether they are precipitated by the togetherness that the holidays often impose upon families or because parents do not want to break up their families during a traditionally happy time of year, post-holiday divorces happen to couples who may have never expected to end their marriages.

When a marriage ends it can throw into question many issues that can concern the parties. They may worry about how the divorce will impact their children and if they will be able to establish a suitable custody arrangement for them. They may not understand their rights to alimony or support from their spouses as they transition into newly single lives. They may worry that the retirement investments and savings plans that they have worked so hard to build up may be obliterated as they end their relationships with their spouses.

Money is a factor that can cause some couples to consider divorce and it is also a complicating factor when a divorce is initiated. The division of real property, jointly held personal property of value and financial assets can be a stressful process. A poorly executed property division agreement or settlement may negatively impact a high asset divorce and the parties that must live through its aftermath.

The attorneys of Messer & Messer hope that their clients have safe and happy holidays and that their transitions into 2018 are merry. However, they encourage those readers who are considering divorce to connect with legal professionals who they trust to begin learning about the many pieces of completing a high asset divorce.