Holiday conflicts may bring child custody issues to the forefront

The winter holidays are a special time for many Florida families. They are a time when parents may have days off from work and when kids are away from school, giving adults and children moments to bond and enjoy each other’s company. For families affected by divorce, though, the holidays can be a period of stress and confusion if parents have unclear expectations about where their children should be.

When a couple ends its marriage, it must devise a plan that addresses where their shared children will live and with whom the right to make decisions about the kids’ upbringings will reside. This parenting plan is a part of a child custody negotiation that will place as its priority the best interests of the children subject to the outcomes. A judge must either approve the parents’ agreement regarding custody or must devise a custody arrangement on its own that will be giving judicial weigh through the execution of an order.

However, as children age and parents’ work commitments modify families may find that the child custody agreements and orders that dictate their rights and responsibilities are no longer workable. It is often when parents have time to spend with their kids but no right to see them due to a standing custody order that they recognize the deficiencies in the parenting plans they previously created.

The law firm of Messer & Messer is available to work with families that discover their child custody and parenting plans are no longer workable. They hope that their clients have happy and healthy holiday seasons but encourage those who are struggling with family law issues to contact their firm so that they may address their needs and begin the New Year with workable family law orders in place.