Many factors can influence child custody outcomes

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2017 | child custody

Deciding where a child should live and who should have the right to make decisions about their upbringing can be difficult for Florida courts to do. As every child custody matter is different, a court may have to make very diverse determinations based on the needs of each child and family. As such, there are a number of factors that Florida courts can use to decide matters of child custody.

With regard to physical custody, a court may evaluate the parents’ capacities to handle the daily needs of the child. These needs can include but are not limited to their physical requirements, their emotional necessities and their developmental needs. If one parent is more likely to provide the needed support on a consistent basis then the court may consider them a more suitable custodial parent that the other.

If a child is old enough to have a cogent opinion about their own care, then a court may include in its considerations the preferences of the child with regard to their own custody. If a court finds that one parent will be more likely to allow the child to have contact with the other so that the child and noncustodial parent will continue to foster their relationship then that parent may be more likely to receive physical custody of the youth.

Child custody orders can be diverse legal outcomes that must serve the interests of the children whose lives are to be governed by them. This post is not intended to provide its readers with legal advice or guidance. Those who need help with their child custody matters are asked to discuss their questions with their divorce or family law attorneys.