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January 2018 Archives

What can I do if my ex does not follow our child custody order?

When a Florida court approves a child custody agreement or promulgates a child custody order, it is effectively setting forth the rules by which the child's parents must live in order to serve the child's best interests. Even when parents follow custody agreements and orders conflicts can arise; in such situations it may be necessary for the parents to go back to court to have their custody plans modified. However, when one parent intentionally ignores the requirements of the custody schedule then the other parent may be at a loss for how to address the situation.

Actor files for divorce from wife

Scottish actor Ewan McGregor is well-known to Florida moviegoers for his leading roles in movies such as "Star Wars" and "Moulin Rouge!" He has also enjoyed what has seemed to be a relatively stable personal life with his wife of nearly 22 years and their four children. However, just recently, the actor filed for divorce to end his legal union amid speculation that he has begun a relationship with another woman.

Health care costs and child support in Florida

Parents who divorce or separate in Florida and who are required to create child support agreements or orders must include provisions therein that address how costs and insurance related to the medical care of their children will be addressed. No child should be left without access to medical care simply because their parents choose to end their relationship; protection of a child's medical insurance and access to care is imperative to preserve their best interests.

Start of the year brings increase in divorces

The first month of the New Year offers many Floridians the promise of a clean slate on which to write the story of their lives. Whether through resolutions or recommitments to the things that bring them peace and joy, individuals often seek to pursue actions and activities that will better their lives. One unexpected pursuit that a number of people often begin is the process of ending their marriages.

Individual retirement accounts and your divorce

An individual retirement account, also known as an IRA, is an investment tool that many Floridians utilize to prepare for their eventual retirement. It is a tool that allows a person to channel funds into an account that will, over time, grow in size due to increases in the value of the investments contained therein. There are requirements on who may open the different types of IRAs and not all individuals may be able to use them to save for their futures.

What is virtual visitation?

Not that long ago, the only ways that a person could communicate with someone in a remote location was either through letters or by telephone if the parties both had access to telecommunications devices. Now, Floridians can quickly contact friends, family members and work contacts all around the world with the touch of a finger on their smart devices. Technology has made this big world smaller and made it easier for individuals to share with others.

Divorcees: Update these 3 estate planning documents immediately

Imagine you've been married for ten years, but you and your spouse have decided to call it quits. Through the stresses of asset division, child custody decisions and battles over spousal support, you might forget one very important thing: Your estate plan.

Child support enforcement tools can make life hard on parents

Once a Florida court approves a child support agreement or creates a child support order for a set of parents and for the benefit of their child or children, the financial obligations created therein are binding. Child support is not optional: children depend on the money they receive from their noncustodial parents to meet their education needs, provide them with basic essentials and enjoy their lives following the separation of their parents.