Actor files for divorce from wife

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2018 | high asset divorce

Scottish actor Ewan McGregor is well-known to Florida moviegoers for his leading roles in movies such as “Star Wars” and “Moulin Rouge!” He has also enjoyed what has seemed to be a relatively stable personal life with his wife of nearly 22 years and their four children. However, just recently, the actor filed for divorce to end his legal union amid speculation that he has begun a relationship with another woman.

McGregor cited irreconcilable differences in his divorce paperwork and requested that he and his soon-to-be ex-wife should share custody of their kids. His wife, though, has responded to his divorce pleading and requests sole custody of their kids with McGregor maintaining rights to visitation with them.

Through his many movie roles and work on television, it is possible the McGregor has accumulated significant wealth. That wealth may be subject to division if it was earned during his marriage; the laws of the jurisdiction where he chose to file may impact how much of his wealth will be given to his wife when their divorce is finalized.

Also, though not all jurisdictions recognize claims of fault for bringing about divorce, McGregor’s alleged involvement with another woman may be a factor in the divorce if his wife chooses to bring it up and the adultery somehow impacted the couple’s finances. This story is a good example of just how many important matters can come into play when a long-term marriage comes to its end.

Divorce is rarely easy and with children in their lives McGregor and his wife will have to work to keep the dissolution of their relationship civil. Readers who relate to McGregor’s situation may elect to discuss their divorce questions with family law attorneys in their communities.

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